Effective strategy underpins business growth

An effective business strategy underpins business growth, supports continuous improvement and retains a focus on the key levers that determine success. A considered business strategy will review competitive advantages, core competencies and opportunities, as well as owner and shareholder goals.

ENC Consulting strategy consultants will design appropriate strategies for your business and ensure the implementation of a considered and effective business strategy provides the vehicle to ensure your goals are met.

Business Strategy

Strategy needs constant work

A brilliant business strategy doesn’t then just hang on the wall to be admired. Times change, competitors improve, technology advances, customers start to want different things delivered in different ways.

A great business strategy has to be continually reviewed, adapted and updated. The goals may remain the same but the route to these goals may have changed.

ENC Strategy consultants bring the expertise, commitment and processes necessary for success.

Designing strategic direction is a critical business process

ENC Strategy consultants understand that designing the strategic direction for your business is a critical business process. Delivering a compelling strategic vision to your team will nurture confidence and facilitate a collaborative effort to ensure it is achieved.

Getting the strategy wrong has unthinkable consequences.

ENC strategy consultants are experts in business strategy design and work collaboratively with you to ensure your business strategy encompasses all foreseen opportunities and threats and retains a continual focus on the end goal.

Strategy is critical

The ENC Consulting Process

project management

The ENC Consulting process includes

  • A review of the current business operation, the competitive landscape and the identification of quick wins.
  • Analysis of market trends, customer behaviour and insights into the future of the market.
  • A plan of key operational activities to enable longer term goals to be achieved.
  • Marketing and branding strategies that leverage business strengths and take advantage of competitor weaknesses.
  • Resourcing plans / recruitment strategies to ensure the right skills are embedded within the business at the right times to ensure the right results.
  • Full cost benefits analysis including projected EBIT impacts, ROI and cashflow projections.
  • Implementation of appropriate measuring tools to ensure the right performance indicators are being tracked and the key levers managed.

About ENC Consulting

ENC Consulting Group is a multi-disciplined group based in Perth, Western Australia providing Client Project teams, Commercial support and Project Management personnel both locally, nationally and internationally. Our knowledge and first-hand experience in managing a wide range of issues in mining, energy and renewables, construction and power settings provides clients with advice that is experienced based, pragmatic, project specific and meets or exceeds clients expectations.