Project Support Office

ENC can provide a complete, staffed and equipped project office with the latest project/commercial management and control tools for project execution and delivery.

We offer our clients document control software and an experienced document controller, based in our West Perth offices to provide this service. The document control software we offer is tailored to meet clients’ requirements and comprehensive Project Management control software and support is available.

Monitoring project schedules on all projects, does not require a full-time scheduler. We can offer the service of experienced schedulers to undertake this work when required. Our schedulers are able offer advice on industry norms and identify opportunities to expedite the schedule.

Continuous monitoring of project budgets ensures the Project Manager is aware of project health and provides the opportunity to prevent cost blowouts. We can provide experienced cost controllers to meet project specific requirements.

Without an experienced Claims manager to monitor and adjudicate project claims costs can get out of control very quickly. We have highly experienced claims managers available to provide this service. If necessary, we can provide legal assistance to resolve disputed claims.

Being able to get quick advice from an experienced Environmental specialist during construction can save clients a lot of money. We can offer clients this service.

Complacency during construction is common on construction sites. Having a `cold-eye’ review of HSE management plans and un-announced site visits can make a Hugh difference to HSE implementation effectiveness. We can offer this service, cost effectively.

Once a project gets into construction, with all the necessary approvals in place, the cost of a full time Approvals person to monitor compliance and available to prepare new applications is an unnecessary expense we can help with.

Assess businesses current security environment against the Essential 8 Framework;  external Penetration Testing; and Implementation of cyber security Controls