About Us

ENC Consulting Group comprises experienced industry professionals who specialise in project management, risk management and contract management. Our experience and expertise includes:

ENC Consulting Group is one of the top project management firms, based in Perth, Western Australia.

“While working on the Gorgon project for Chevron, I met local and international professionals able to overcome unique challenges without breaking their stride. I saw an opportunity to harness their unique expertise and offer their capabilities to the Resource, Renewable, Water and Infrastructure industries in Western Australia, Nationally and Internationally. I was pleased that many of these professionals identified with my vision and decided to join me to form ENC.” 

ENC is committed to client’s project success

We ensure each project succeeds’ by understanding the projects full scope and developing a close bond with our clients. We take a hands-on approach to our work and collaborate across all levels of our client’s team, from senior managers to the front-line blue-collar workers. We understand that to achieve project success `but-in’ by all team members is essential, and that only by working closely with our clients can we achieve this goal. We roll up our sleeves and partner with our clients.

We roll up our sleeves and help clients through tough and complex challenges

At ENC, we have people who are motivated to work alongside clients through their toughest, most complex challenges. At the same time, we also want our people to challenge each other to look for ways to evolve our own group so that we can sustain our competitive edge.

Collaboration is key to our culture

The ENC culture is collaborative and non-hierarchical. Working together, our people combine creativity and insight to solve critical client problems based on years of experience and valuable lessons learnt.in new and innovative ways.