Business systems management can deliver business transformation

Implementing, upgrading and improving your organisation’s technology can transform your business for the better.

By aligning your business processes with your business strategy, your organisation will be in a stronger position to adapt to rapidly changing business conditions resulting in:

    • Realised ROI
    • Improved information for business decision making

We’ll help you define business requirements and constraints, develop your long-term, business system vision, and select or validate the right software for your needs. Our services include:

    • Process and System Optimisation Assessment
    • Software review, evaluation and Selection Assessment
    • Software Deployment and support
    • ERP Solution Development, Delivery and Support
    • IT Risk Assement
    • Business Analytics

About ENC Consulting

ENC Consulting Group is a multi-disciplined group based in Perth, Western Australia providing Client Project teams, Commercial support and Project Management personnel both locally, nationally and internationally. Our knowledge and first-hand experience in managing a wide range of issues in mining, energy and renewables, construction and power settings provides clients with advice that is experienced based, pragmatic, project specific and meets or exceeds clients expectations.