Project Advisory

We’ll work with you to identify the source of your project’s challenges and requirements, and together we’ll develop solutions based on your projects’ dynamics, our experience and lessons learnt.

Our seasoned professionals call on their years of experience to review project team make-up and performance to offer advice on enhancements that can be made to the Project team that can make the difference between a successful project and one that will struggle to deliver the required results.

We review the following aspects to be able to make recommendation to our clients –

  • Identification and assessment of project specific implementation options
  • Project scoping (Basis of Design, Field Development Plan)
  • Development of the project Risk register, mitigation and contingency plans
  • Creating and updating Project schedules
  • Project cost estimates and budgets
  • Stakeholders and Project resourcing
  • Collaboration strategies to optimise project outcomes
  • Selection / appointment of consulting team
  • Management of consultants and contractors
  • Delivery team
  • Communication and stakeholder management
  • HSE Plans
  • Change management Plans
  • Commissioning and Hand-over documentation
  • Audit and Review management
  • Close out strategies and management
  • Reporting

`Cold eye’ reviews of Contract documentation and claims procedures can eliminate costly legal disputes. Our seasoned professionals know what to look for and what works and what does not.

When reviewing Contracts and offering advice on negotiations we review –

  • Procurement and contracting strategies
  • Contract documentation
  • Management of tender process, evaluation and recommendation of tenders
  • Contract negotiation and finalisation
  • Contractor and Subcontractor management
  • Change management assessment, recommendation and processing
  • Dispute negotiation and mediation

Years of experience and `lessons learned’ on multidisciplinary projects assist our Project Managers to investigate and offer advice on the following project management aspects.

  • Developing and management of project execution strategies
  • Establishing controls
  • Risk management
  • Developing and management of project scope, budget and schedule
  • Development and management of procurement process
  • Communications management
  • Construction management
  • Development and management of Health and safety protocols
  • Investigation and development of environmental compliance and mitigation measures

Our team of specialists identify and report on mitigation measures that can be implemented to enhance clients existing Risk management strategies and documentation  to achieve the best possible balance between cost, time and quality, analyse and manage risk whilst delivering the best outcome. Confirming all risks have been identified and mitigated provides our clients with the surety they need.

We analyse the following.

  • Risk workshops
  • Risk register
  • Risk mitigation measures
  • Analyse the success of Risk mitigation measures

Our procurement specialists first get to understand both the clients drivers and project specific requirements to enable them to analyse the purchase methodology being employed and any enhancements that can be made. Procurement aspects that are analyses include –

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Specific projectconstraints
  • Risk
  • Assetownership
  • Financing

Our team of specialists review Project Controls being used to manage your project and confirm their suitability based on desired project outcomes, industry norms and experience. We can investigate and make recommendations related to Project Controls and tools used to manage

  • Project strategy
  • Methodology
  • Schedule
  • Cost estimates
  • Risk management
  • Project documentation
  • General oversight
  • Quality
  • Resources

Assess businesses current security environment against the Essential 8 Framework; external Penetration Testing; Implementation of cyber security Controls; and implement qualified staff to assist with IT projects