Our Systems

With our unique and proven approach, engineering and management skills, we deliver the systems and procedures to manage your project throughout the entire lifecycle. Reducing your costs while improving performance and safety.

Project Control System

Here at ENC, we understand the complex regulatory, safety, project controls and project management of large scale projects and multi-site businesses. Utilizing cutting-edge applications and mobile-based solutions, we assist businesses worldwide in managing complex processes and information for success.

Our intelligent systems simplify the most detailed regulatory, safety, compliance, and project management requirements of large scale projects and operations. With information you can count on, you can invest more time and resources into optimizing your business’s revenue-generating areas.

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Systems

All organisations have a duty of care to provide a safe and responsible environment for staff, contractors and visitors to the workplace.

Our HSE covers all site compliance requirements, including:

  • Ensuring everyone on-site is approved
  • Ensure staff and contractor qualifications are current
  • Manage Emergency Evacuations
  • Multi-site fatigue management
  • Drug and alcohol testing management
  • Email Alerts
  • Electronic SWMS Management
  • Incident Management
  • Electronic On-Site Activity Monitoring + Onsite Audits
  • Daily Site Diary
  • NGERS reporting

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Systems

ENC understand that your company’s reputation is of high importance. By actively listening and understanding your drivers for undertaking the next step in your ESG journey, we can establish where you are and outline what you aim to achieve.

By identifying the environment in which you operate and current sustainability practices, combined with an understanding of your engagement with the local and broader community and stakeholders, ENC can develop and help maintain a unique framework that complements your core business while creating value.